Burgh le Marsh Heritage Centre @ Dobson’s Mill
The 5 sailed windmill that turns clockwise
For the time being the site is closed to all visitors following the tragic result of the latest storm damage Obviously we have been overtaken by a greater threat We now anticipate a total closure for the majority of 2020 while work is concluded to make the building safe
A unique experience as you step back in time. The mill is very much a heritage piece as you might expect of a Grade 1 listed building.  While some historians think the mill was built around 1813, a map from 1810 shows a windmill already on the site.  The current mill tower was most likely built in 1844.  What is certain is that the mill was worked as a commercial concern by the last owners, Dobsons, until the 1960s. It was then purchased for preservation by the County Council and has been run since by groups of volunteers.  The BLM Heritage Group is now custodian of the site.
for more information contact enquiries@burghlemarshwindmill.co.uk We are in limbo for the time being as County Council personnel are working from home and all sites are closed. If you want something to read we have begun to transfer Frank Dobson’s hand- written autobiography to an electronic copy. The early part (up to 1906) can be found here

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