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Dobson’s Mill in Burgh le Marsh A    unique    experience    as    you step   back   in   time.   The   mill   is very   much   a   heritage   piece   as you   might   expect   of   a   Grade   1 listed building. While   some   historians   think   the mill    was    built    around    1813,    a map      from      1810      shows      a windmill   already   on   the   site,   the current    mill    tower    was    most likely built in 1844. What   is   certain   is   that   the   mill was    worked    as    a    commercial concern    by    the    last    owners, Dobsons,    until    the    1960s.    It was       then       purchased       for preservation     by     the     County Council   and   has   been   run   since by groups of volunteers. The    BLM    Heritage    Group    is now custodian of the site.
Recent Developments Following   a   very   busy   Winter   and   Spring 2014,        the        millwright        completely refurbished   the   cap   and   the   sails   as   well as   waterproofing   the   outside   of   the   mill. The mill now looks absolutely fantastic. We have the best mill in the country now. The   final   piece   of   the   jigsaw   is   now   in place.    The    new    stairs    to    the    granary have   been   installed   giving   us   an   extra, more visible access point. We   are   very   conscious   of   the   windmill’s place   as   the   centre   of   attraction   in   the town.     We     also     recognise     the     rich heritage of Burgh le Marsh.
OPENING TIMES FOR  Winter 2016/17 As from 23rd October SUNDAY only From 2 pm to 4.30 pm each day Free entry & lots of free parking From Easter :- Summer Opening times The   current   arrangement   is   for   the   mill      site to     be     open     to     visitors     on     Saturdays, Sundays     &     Wednesdays*      during     the summer. Our     opening     times     depend     upon     the availability     of     volunteers.     If     you     are interested   in   volunteering   please   send   an email   or   phone   Malcolm   on   01754811267. Take a look at our volunteers’ page.
Please call back as we are updating this site regularly Contact us at enquiries@burghlemarshwindmill.co.uk
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Thanks to Heckington Mill for their recent support
Our new mill - July 2014 Information board with a difference! Finishing the return of the sails
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